Stick Rpg 2 Directors Cut Download Free PC Game Full Version

Stick Rpg 2 Directors Cut Download Free PC Game Full Version

Stick Rpg 2 Directors Cut Free PC Game is a captivating life simulation and role-playing game that offers players a unique blend of humor, exploration, and decision-making. Developed by XGen Studios, this sequel to the original Stick RPG builds upon its predecessor’s quirky charm while introducing new features, expanded gameplay, and an open-world environment that invites players to create their path in a stick-figure universe.

In Stick RPG 2: Director’s Cut, players find themselves in a world entirely populated by stick-figure characters. Despite its seemingly simplistic visual style, the game’s world is rich in detail, with diverse locations, quirky NPCs, and a multitude of activities to engage in. This charming aesthetic sets the tone for a whimsical adventure that balances humor with unexpected depth. Cinderella Escape R12 PC Game

At the beginning of the game, players create their stick-figure character, customizing attributes like intelligence, charm, and strength. These attributes influence the character’s abilities and interactions throughout the game. From then on, players are free to explore the game’s open-world environment, complete quests, and make choices that shape their stick figure’s destiny.

Stick Rpg 2 Directors Cut Download Free Game

Success in Stick RPG 2 is multifaceted. Players can attend university to improve their intelligence, work various jobs to earn money and engage in activities that enhance their charm and strength. Balancing these attributes is key to unlocking new opportunities, quests, and interactions with the game’s inhabitants. The game offers a wide array of jobs, ranging from pizza delivery to espionage, each with its unique challenges and rewards. These jobs not only contribute to the character’s progression but also provide a sense of immersion within the game world.

The open-world environment of Stick RPG 2 is a playground for exploration. Players can roam through city streets, visit shops, participate in street fights, gamble at the casino, and even explore hidden areas. The NPCs scattered throughout the world offer quests, information, and humorous interactions that contribute to the game’s quirky charm. Quests are a central aspect of the game, driving the character’s journey and shaping their experiences. Players can choose how they approach quests, making decisions that lead to different outcomes. These choices provide a layer of replayability, as players can experiment with different decisions to uncover new content and storylines. Galgun Double Peace PC Game

Stick Rpg 2 Directors Cut Free Download

The game operates on a day-night cycle, with time passing as the character engages in various activities. This cycle introduces an element of strategic planning, as players must decide how to allocate their time to maximize productivity, social interactions, and skill improvement. Stick RPG 2 is known for its quirky humor and surprises. From the witty dialogue of the stick-figure NPCs to the absurd scenarios players encounter, the game constantly keeps players entertained and engaged. This lighthearted tone contributes to the game’s charm and makes each interaction a delightful experience.


The sheer variety of activities, quests, and decisions in Stick RPG 2 ensures endless possibilities for players. Whether it’s becoming a high-rolling gambler, an esteemed professor, or a street-fighting champion, the game accommodates different playstyles and encourages players to experiment with various paths and outcomes. Stick RPG 2: Director’s Cut is a delightful blend of humor, exploration, and decision-making set in a stick-figure world bursting with charm. The game’s open-world environment, customizable attributes, and quirky NPCs create a unique simulation experience that encourages players to shape their stick figure’s life according to their preferences. With its surprising depth, endless activities, and lighthearted humor, Stick RPG 2 offers an immersive and enjoyable adventure where even the simplest stick figure can lead an extraordinary life. Nekohiroimasita PC Game


Open-World Environment:

  • Explore a vibrant and detailed open-world environment filled with various locations, NPCs, and activities.

Customizable Character:

  • Create and customize your stick-figure character, determining attributes like intelligence, charm, and strength.

Skill Improvement:

  • Attend university to increase your character’s intelligence, engage in jobs to earn money, and participate in activities to enhance charm and strength.

Diverse Jobs:

  • Take on a variety of jobs, each with unique challenges and rewards, ranging from mundane tasks to unexpected opportunities.

Quests and Objectives:

  • Engage in quests and missions that drive the game’s narrative, interact with NPCs, and make decisions that affect outcomes.

Humorous Interactions:

  • Experience the game’s quirky humor through witty dialogue and unexpected scenarios with the stick-figure NPCs.

Day-Night Cycle:

  • The game operates on a day-night cycle, requiring strategic time management to balance work, social interactions, and skill improvement.

Exploration and Hidden Areas:

  • Roam through the open world, visit shops, engage in street fights, gamble at the casino, and uncover hidden areas.


  • Make choices throughout the game that influence the character’s path, leading to different outcomes and storylines.


  • The game offers multiple paths, quests, and decisions, encouraging players to replay and experiment with various playstyles.

Achievements and Progression:

  • Work towards achievements and monitor your character’s progress in different aspects of life, from education to finances.

System Requirements:

  1. Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8/10/11
  2. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+
  3. Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6380G or NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra
  4. System memory: 1 GB RAM
  5. Storage: 5 GB hard disk space
  6. DirectX 9 compatible graphics card

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How to Install?

  1. Download Game
  2. Extract With Winrar OR Winzip
  3. Run Setup And Install it
  4. Play & Enjoy

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